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Reflexology Training 1:1


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The 1:1 training for reflexology offers an immersive and personalized learning experience, led by certified instructors in a professional setting. This comprehensive program delves into the art and science of reflexology, covering topics such as foot anatomy, pressure points, and holistic healing principles. Through hands-on practice and individualized instruction, participants develop proficiency in reflexology techniques, gaining the skills to promote relaxation, alleviate tension, and enhance overall well-being for clients. Emphasizing safety, professionalism, and client care, this training equips students with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the field of reflexology and make a positive impact on others’ health and wellness.


Why Educate with Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc?

  • Choosing to educate with Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc ensures a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our academy stands out for its commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to beauty education.
  • Led by industry experts, our programs combine theory and hands-on training in a well-equipped studio, ensuring students receive practical skills that translate seamlessly into their professional journey.
  • Emphasizing innovation, safety, and the latest industry trends, Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc is the ideal choice for those seeking not just education, but an immersive and inspiring beauty education experience.

Topics we will cover?

  • Introduction to reflexology
  • History and principles of reflexology
  • Anatomy and physiology of the feet and hands
  • Understanding reflex zones and their corresponding organs/systems
  • Techniques and methods of reflexology massage
  • Pressure points and mapping of reflex areas
  • Client assessment and consultation
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Reflexology for specific health conditions
  • Hands-on practice and demonstration
  • Safety and hygiene protocols
  • Certification

Course Curriculum:

  • This is a ONE-DAY  Course
  • You will be provided comprehensive manual for theoretical information and ongoing support post-training .

Extra’s for you to know

  • Students are required to bring their own models for the practical session.
  • If assistance is needed in finding a model, utilize social media, friends, or family.
  • Classes are non-refundable but can be rescheduled up to 14 days before the course date.
  • Last-minute cancellations incur a $100 charge for rescheduling.

NOTES: What happens next when you enroll?

  • Upon completing your enrollment, the subsequent step entails reaching out to us via phone at 437-917-9177 to arrange the dates for your training sessions.
  • Enrollment in this training entitles you to receive one certificate.
  • Should you require models, we are able to provide them, and additionally offer an extra practice day dedicated to working on your model under the guidance of your educator.
  • Furthermore, complimentary refreshments will be provided during all training sessions for your convenience.

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