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Ombre/ Powder Brows Training 1:1 In Person


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Unveil the art of Ombre/Powder Brows in our exclusive one-day one-on-one training led by a certified microblading and permanent makeup artist. The session, hosted in a well-equipped studio, covers the technique’s benefits and distinctions from other brow enhancements. Your instructor will navigate you through color selection, shading techniques, and precise needle application. The hands-on experience includes working on live models, ensuring proficiency in creating soft, gradient brows with a powder-like finish. Emphasis on customization teaches you to assess individual client needs for personalized Ombre/Powder Brow treatments. Safety, sanitation, and aftercare guidelines are thoroughly covered for a secure and comfortable client experience.


Why Educate with Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc?

  • Choosing to educate with Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc ensures a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our academy stands out for its commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to beauty education.
  • Led by industry experts, our programs combine theory and hands-on training in a well-equipped studio, ensuring students receive practical skills that translate seamlessly into their professional journey.
  • Emphasizing innovation, safety, and the latest industry trends, Toronto Beauty Spot & Academy Inc is the ideal choice for those seeking not just education, but an immersive and inspiring beauty education experience.

Topics we will cover?

  • Introduction to Ombre/Powder Brows
  • Benefits and distinctions of Ombre/Powder Brows
  • Color selection and shading techniques
  • Precise needle application
  • Hands-on experience on live models or mannequins
  • Creating soft, gradient brows with a powder-like finish
  • Customization for individual client needs, brow shapes, and desired outcomes
  • Safety protocols and sanitation guidelines
  • Aftercare instructions for a secure and comfortable client experience
  • Certification of completion

What’s in my kit?

  • (3) Pigments
  • (1) Machine
  • (15) 1P Needles
  • (2) Practice Skins
  • (1) Box of Sticker Ruler
  • (10) Pigment Rings
  • (5) Pigment Trays
  • (10) Aftercare Ointments
  • (1) Caliper
  • (2) Brow Pencil
  • (1) Brow pen
  • (1) Numbing

Kit items can vary upon availability and updates.

Course Curriculum:

  • This is  TWO-DAY  Course
  • You will be provided comprehensive manual for theoretical information and ongoing support post-training .

Extra’s for you to know

  • Students are required to bring their own models for the practical session.
  • If assistance is needed in finding a model, utilize social media, friends, or family.
  • Classes are non-refundable but can be rescheduled up to 14 days before the course date.
  • Last-minute cancellations incur a $100 charge for rescheduling.

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